Holiday Cardigan Bay - Ynys Lochtyn photo by Janet Baxter


17th April 2014

Cardigan Bay's Sub Aqua World

Diving at Cwm TuduSquat Lobster

Daisy Anemone

All underwater images are © Simon Wilkins

Diving at CwmTudu - right bottom Daisy Anemone - right top Squat Lobster

Cardigan Bay hosts a fascinating variety of marine wildlife. Whilst dolphins and seals are regularly spotted, most of Cardigan Bay's sub aqua beauty is only observed by a few snorkelling and diving enthusiasts.

Here is a selection of images taken by Simon Wilkins of Cardigan Bay Sub Aqua Club whilst diving from various locations off the Cardiganshire coast.

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From the observations made in New Quay Bay, the bottlenose dolphin population appears to co-exist with groups of Atlantic grey seals and harbour porpoises using the same habitat.

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